Shah Rukh Khan has finally clarified the situation around the release date of the film by announcing that Jawan will be in theaters on September 7th. This news comes after much misunderstanding over the date of the film’s release.

The film is directed by Atlee, and the leading parts are played by Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, and others.

In addition to announcing the new release date for Jawan, SRK turned to his various social media platforms in order to reveal a teaser for the film that had never been seen before. The preview gives viewers a glimpse of SRK in his more tough-guy persona.

King Khan announces Jawan’s Release Date.

Shah Rukh Khan Announces Jawan's release date 2023 2

Before he lands on the ground, he makes a significant leap with a spear in his hand and then tosses it toward the screen. The teaser has a dramatic soundtrack playing in the background, which further piques the audience’s interest in what’s to come next.

The film Jawan was at one point planned to be released on June 2nd. Despite this, the development team for Jawan decided very recently to set the release date for August 25. And now, SRK has at long last announced that the film will be released in September.

According to several reports, Shah Rukh Khan is the one who broke the news to Atlee regarding the choice to obtain a clear run till the premiere of Prabhas’s next film Salaar. SRK is confident that the month of September will be the perfect time to release Jawan.