On the occasion of Ramotsav in Khuhdi, the Bajrang Dal led a march. The procession began at the shrine of Shiva. Together with camels, two-wheelers, jeeps, and other vehicles, workers and villagers joined in the march.

In the procession, people danced to the DJ’s music and created a religious mood. On this occasion, the locals showered the procession with flowers at numerous locations. From the main market, the procession traveled via Dhoba, Sunar Pada, Barmer Road, Darji Pada, Suthar Pada, and Ravana Rajput’s house to reach Khuhdi Haveli. where the meeting took place.

Shobhayatra on Ramotsav: Every Hindu should feel Hindutva: Lalu Singh 2023 2

Bajrang Dal state student leader Lalusinh Sodha and VHP district ministers Raman Soni, Hukamaram, Amarsingh, and Ashwin Soni attended the convention.

Lalusinh Sodha stated during the conference that Hinduism should be in the heart of every Hindu and that the Hindu community must unite to rescue the country. He stated that the responsibilities of border residents is greater than that of other people. Everyone must thus live with complete awareness.

He stated that via Ram Navami initiatives, the values of Ram must be instilled in everyone’s consciousness. By battling, Lord Ram has established the dignity of life. It is the foremost duty of Hindu society to adhere to these restrictions.

He stated that the construction of a great temple to Lord Ram represents the near completion of the Hindu society’s sacrifice. Now, he continued, the nation has adopted the Hindutva ideology, and the occurrences that have occurred inside the Hindu community for so many years are the outcome of the Hindutva movement’s efforts.

On this special occasion, VHP District Minister Raman Soni shed light on the history of Ram Navami and the life of Lord Ram. The stage was handled by the chief of services, Chauthsingh Nohadiyal. This event was attended by Amarsingh, Shankarlal, Hukamaram, Askaransingh, Premsingh, Ashok Soni, Sukhpalsingh, Upendrasingh, and Narpatsingh, among others.