On Saturday, a pillar that was supposed to support a bridge that was being built across the Mechi River in the Kishanganj district of Bihar collapsed. After the collapse of the Aguwani-Sultanganj bridge earlier this month, this is the second event of this kind to take place.

According to reports, a knowledgeable team has been dispatched to the location in order to investigate the collapse.

According to Hindustan Times, this bridge collapse marks the 11th that has occurred over the previous three years, with six occurring in 2023 (including this one).

“A specialized team has been dispatched to the location in order to investigate any potential irregularities, and if they are discovered, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.”

Bridge pillar collapses in Kishanganj, Bihar.

Across the phone, Abdhesh Kumar, the project director for the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in Bihar, explained to HT that “He said it is an under-construction bridge over the Mechi river and there is no traffic on it.”

'Sorry state of affairs': Under-construction bridge pillar collapses in Bihar's Kishanganj, inquiry ongoing 2023 2

On National Highway 327E, which connects the districts of Katihar and Kishanganj, a bridge across the Mechi River was built near the hamlet of Gori.

In the beginning of this month, a bridge that was being built across the Ganga River in the district of Bhagalpur in Bihar was destroyed by a collapse.

Over the course of its construction, the bridge spanned the Ganges and connected the districts of Bhagalpur and Khagaria. It was estimated that it would cost more than 1,770 billion rupees and that it would be finished in 2019. Nitish Kumar, then the Chief Minister of India, was the one who set the foundation stone for the building in February of 2014.

A public interest litigation (PIL) petition demanding an impartial investigation of the collapse of the Aguwani-Sultanganj bridge in Bhagalpur, Bihar, has been submitted to the Patna High Court.

In his writ suit, the petitioner, Manibhushan Pratap Sengar, requested that an independent investigation be conducted as opposed to a departmental investigation and that action be taken against SP Singla Company, which was engaged with the building of the bridge.