Disney Plus has had a spectacular surge in members (topping out at 164.2M(opens in new tab)) since its introduction over three years ago, but this quarter saw a surprise decline of almost 3 million users (opens in new tab).

The reason? It might be the increasing membership fee, currently $10.99 / £7.99 / $11.99 AU, or the fact that you must watch advertising to pay $7.99 a month in the US, which is far more than the $4.99 initial price.

Disney Plus’s Star Wars programming can’t arrive fast enough.

Star Wars may return to Disney Plus 2023 2

Content is another possibility. The Secret Invasion series and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (after its theatrical run) may bring fresh Marvel entertainment to streaming in the first part of this year. It might also be Star Wars’ weak lineup. The Mandalorian’s third season and Obi-Wan weren’t hits.

The good news is that Disney Plus will add additional Star Wars material in August.

Lucas Films unveiled the first Ahsoka clip at Star Wars Celebration Europe (opens in new tab) in the UK (a The Mandolorian spin-off). In an August Disney Plus live-action series, Rosario Dawson reprises her role as the Jedi.

The series seems packed with Jedi warrior action.

Disney Plus may provide Star Wars material until 2025.

Andor, a better-received series on Cassian Jeron Andor’s theft of the Death Star designs, reported that season two is in production and will air in August 2024.

The Acolyte, slated for 2024, stars Joonas Suotamo as a Jedi Wookie.

Star Wars Celebration teased Jude Law’s Skeleton Crew without a release date.

At least three more live-action movies, including one with Daisy Ridley as Rey, will be released on the streaming site. She’ll instruct young Jedi Padawans 15 years later.

While these release dates might vary, the news is generally encouraging for consumers attempting to decide whether to continue on Disney Plus or switch to a platform with more content.

If Ahsoka and Secret Invasion fail, Disney Plus, which has more than quadrupled in price since its inception, may lose additional users. Roku’s $7.99 commercial-supported Disney Plus Basic may attract premium members.

Disney’s subscription woes reflect a streaming trend. Half of OTT users switch providers numerous times a year based on content, according to a Park Associates study(opens in new tab).

So, to win the entertainment arms race, streamers must have the correct mix, number, and material at any one time. Disney Plus definitely fell after a good start whereas Netflix has been soaring for the last six months(opens in new tab). Even though most streamers are struggling financially, they cannot cut content investment.

Disney has laid off hundreds (opens in new tab), but it doesn’t want its franchises’ productivity to suffer. Disney Plus would lose subscribers if it did.