Sushmita Sen announced via social media that she suffered a heart attack on March 2 Sushmita was filming ‘Arya 3’ in Jaipur at the time. In a recent interview, Sushmita Sen’s co-star Vikas Kumar stated that when this tragedy occurred, she did not notify anyone on set. Vikas Kumar portrays ACP Khan in the television series

Co-star stated that Sushmita herself was unaware of the cardiac attack.

Sushmita suffered a heart attack during shooting 2023 2

Vikas stated that social media could also inform the cast and crew of Sushmita’s cardiac attack. Vikas stated in the interview that Sushmita was unaware that she had suffered a cardiac attack. His heart attack was not confirmed until his health deteriorated and he underwent exams.

We did not know when Vikas Kumar suffered a heart attack.

Sushmita suffered a heart attack during shooting 2023 3

Vikas reported to News18 that some sequences of ‘Arya 3’ were scheduled to be shot in Jaipur. He suffered a heart attack while filming in Rajasthan, but we were unaware of it. When Sushmita Sen posted about this, we learned that she had suffered a heart attack on that particular day.

He told Sushmita that she did not want a hall in her condition, so she did not inform anyone.

Sushmita has posted information.

Sushmita suffered a heart attack during shooting 2023 4

Sushmita announced on social media that she had an angioplasty and a stent placed in her heart. In this post, Sushmita expressed gratitude to those who assisted her.

95% of the artery was blocked – Sushmita

Sushmita suffered a heart attack during shooting 2023 5

After describing her heart attack, Sushmita held a live social media discussion with her admirers. During this difficult period, he thanked his family and physicians for their support.

Sushmita stated, “I narrowly avoided a major cardiac attack” in reference to this incident. It was extremely severe My artery was approximately 95% blocked. However, this was merely a phase that Abi has since left behind. I am not at all afraid of this.

Sushmita is currently resuming her normal routine. After a cardiac attack, she is also engaging in exercise per doctor’s orders. Soon, Sushmita will begin filming ‘Arya 3’ in response.