In cricket, there are frequent occurrences that are beyond the realm of bizarre. In the past, technology was limited, and as a result, it was frequently impossible for a player to advance in a game. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to escape in the modern period. In the first one-day international series between Sri Lanka and New Zealand, a unique occurrence occurred.

The occurrence will disturb the psyche.

Sri Lanka and New Zealand played the opening one-day international of their series on Saturday at Eden Park in Auckland. During this match, such an incidence occurred, which would likely rock the minds of cricket enthusiasts. Chamika Karunaratne was run out during the Sri Lankan team’s innings, but the umpire did not call him out. When learning the cause behind this, you too will be surprised.

The batter received a life for this reason.

The event that is being highlighted in the 18th over of Sri Lanka’s innings is a pleasant one. Blair Tickner performed these corrections. On the fourth delivery of the same over, Chamika Karunaratne played a shot towards mid-on and then sprinted for the second run.

The fielder threw towards the end opposite the batter. Karunaratne leapt to reach the crease, but Tickner had already removed the bails. Once Karunaratne remained beyond the penalty area, the real drama began. In actuality, the bells’ lights were not lighted. This prevented the umpire from declaring Karunaratne out.

I didn’t believe

Even Chamika was shocked to witness this. The TV analyst then surmised that because Tickner had dropped the bells earlier, the light was not on. Because of this, the umpire did not pronounce out. Only until Tickner removed the remaining bags and stumps did the lights turn on. Explain how charged stumps are utilized in cricket.

As a result, the light turns on when the bells are rung. At the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, bells were rung. As a result, Chamika was not pronounced dead.