Andy Muschietti longed for ‘The Flash’ to be distributed in theaters.

The 49-year-old director oversaw the upcoming DC Extended Universe (DCEU) blockbuster and was willing to tolerate delays for the Warner Bros. film so that it could be released in theaters.

When asked in a joint interview with his sister and producer Barbara Muschietti if they had ever contemplated releasing the film on a streaming service, Andy Muschietti and his sister responded, “There is no other way to release ‘The Flash’ than in theaters.” Warner’s knew it, and so did we.”

The Flash should be in theaters, according to Andy Muschietti 2023 2

Barbara is grateful for the pandemic’s extra time to produce the film

She responded, “Of course it feels wonderful. ‘The Flash’ has been our primary focus for nearly four years. We are incredibly grateful to WB for collaborating with us to use this additional time to improve the film.

“Because of the pandemic, we were able to develop the film for a longer period of time, and we had more time than ever before to experiment with visual effects.”

“We all knew that ‘The Flash’ belonged in movie theaters, and we were happy to wait for the right time.”

Andy explained that the way a film is viewed is a major factor in his filmmaking decisions.

The director of ‘It’ stated, “I want our films to be viewed in a public setting, in a theater where they are presented at the volume levels we intended. Obviously, any format that enhances the overall experience is a positive.

“The ultimate goal is to give the audience a two-and-a-half-hour emotional roller coaster ride during which they forget about the outside world and their smartphones.”