‘The Kerala Story’ follows four Muslim Keralan ladies. Though based on a genuine story, the film has been embroiled in controversy. It’s unusual Monday has helped it.

On May 5, the film’s first-day sales increased by 50%. The Sunday statistics are lower than Saturday’s, but they’re still good. In Mumbai, Central India, UP, Bihar, and Bangalore, multiplexes and mass centers saw stronger collections than Saturday.

'The Kerala Story' box office collection day 4: Monday's performance is exceptional 2023 2

The Kerala Story Enters in 50 Crore Club

West Bengal banned the picture, which remains out of theaters. This prohibition has increased audience interest in the film’s issue. Since the censor board has power, the industry and a big portion of the audience feel it shouldn’t have been banned.

‘The Kerala Story’ has grossed 43 crore net. This is impressive for a low-budget picture. The trade expects the film’s second week to do stronger than its first.

The film made Rs 6.75 crore on its first day and Rs 10 crore on Saturday and Monday. The film grossed Rs 16 crore on Sunday. This collection outperforms many predicted hits.