The Kerala Story by Vipul Shah will reach Rs100 crore today. It earned Rs 12.23 crore on Friday, up from its debut. After Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, Adah Sharma’s film will be a blockbuster.

The Kerala Story has been involved in many controversies since its announcement. Deciphering the Vipul Shah-Adah Sharma film controversy.

The Kerala Story would cross Rs100 crore today 2023 2

Controversy and calls for its prohibition

The Film The Kerala Story is a Hindi film about Kerela women joining ISIS. The movie is based on real events.

Several petitions sought injunctions against the film’s distribution and exploitation. In November 2022, a film trailer showed innocent females being persuaded and converted to Islam. These petitions followed.

The petitioners said that the film, which purports to be based on actual events, is untrue and deceptive and will damage religious emotions and divide Indian communities. Several petitions called the film hate speech.

The Kerala Story would cross Rs100 crore today 2023 3

The Supreme Court received several Article 32 petitions. The Hon’ble Supreme Court ruled that petitioners might appeal to the relevant High Court.

The Release

After extensive hearings on the petitions, both judges denied any remedy against the film creators and the film.

After seeing the film’s teaser and trailer, the Kerala High Court Division Bench found no Islam-related content or community-related content.

The film’s CBFC certification and disclaimer were also observed by the court. The courts declined to halt the film’s distribution and showing.

The film was released globally on May 5 after the three-day drama.