In the past, WWE has spent a considerable quantity of money to lure renowned wrestlers away from the professional wrestling industry. Most of these efforts have been fruitful, with the most recent being the addition of Logan Paul. The most recent information we have is that he has renewed his contract with the organization and is now receiving a very lucrative sum. Continue reading to learn more!

He was among YouTube’s highest-paid producers. WWE since 2021

WWE: Logan Paul Will Earn More Than Bray Wyatt & Kevin Owens? 2023 2

For those who were unaware, Logan rose to prominence by uploading animations on Vine and then YouTube. In 2017, 2018, and 2021, he was also on the list of the highest-paid YouTube creators. Since his entrance into WWE in 2021, he has not looked back. His pro-wrestling abilities have been remarkable, and his presence has been highly entertaining.

Logan Paul was last seen at WrestleMania 39, where he competed against Seth Rollins on the opening night. Even though he lost the match to Rollins, critics praised his abilities very highly. According to Logan himself, a new contract has been struck between him and WWE. This was the final match under his previous contract.

His annual compensation (estimated at $5 million) will exceed that amount.

WWE: Logan Paul Will Earn More Than Bray Wyatt & Kevin Owens? 2023 3

Logan Paul himself shared with his followers via Twitter. According to Lous Dangoor of GimeMeSport, an intriguing new contract detail has been revealed. It has been learned that his annual salary (assumed to be $5 million) will exceed that amount. Intriguingly, it is significantly greater than what AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, and The Miz are paid per contract.

In a separate interview with ESPN, Logan Paul discussed his new contract. He stated, “I feel immensely fortunate to have discovered a talent at the age of 28. It’s mind-boggling that the organization believes I’m competent enough to continue, hopefully, building this WWE legacy. I am extraordinarily grateful and fortunate. As long as I can continue to put on entertaining performances, I will continue to compete in this sport.”