The impending film ‘Yodha’ starring Sidharth Malhotra has been the talk of the community for quite some time. The film’s release date has been delayed three times in the past, and if the most recent reports are accurate, the producers are planning to advance it once more.

According to a report on a news website, the September 15 release of the film ‘Yodha’ will face competition from the September 7 release of the Shah Rukh Khan film ‘Jawan’.

According to reports, ‘Jawan’ is anticipated to be a box office typhoon that will devour the earnings of all other films. Therefore, Karan Johar and other Yodha stakeholders have decided to postpone the film’s release.

'Yodha' with Sidharth Malhotra is delayed again 2023 2

Due to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’, Sidharth Malhotra’s ‘Yodha’ is delayed again.

The film was originally scheduled to reach theaters in November 2022, but its release date was pushed back to July 7. However, VFX issues caused yet another delay, as the new release date of September 15 was announced.

The revised release date is anticipated to be determined shortly, with October, November, and even December 1 as possible alternatives.

Karan Johar’s ‘Yodha’ also features Disha Patani and Raashii Khanna in prominent roles.