Last weekend, severe storms that caused over half a million lightning strikes to regions of Western Australia pushed into eastern states, delivering torrential rain.
Weatherzone reports that a rainy weather system is spreading through the nation today, bringing rain and storms to western Victoria and south-west New South Wales.
As a result of thunderstorms, regions of southern Washington had the greatest rainfall in recent months, and there were approximately 500,000 lightning strikes within 200 km of Perth.

Several regions of the state saw their highest rainfall in months.

Saturday was the wettest day in four months for Bickley, a suburb 30 kilometers outside Perth’s central business district.

500,000 lightning strikes sweep east, delivering heavy rain 2023 2

Saturday was the wettest March day in ten years in the south-central city of Kalgoorlie, which recorded 19mm of rainfall.

A vast number of locations reported precipitation of 25mm to 50mm.

Other states may have severe rain and storms beginning today, kicking off a period of unrest in the following days.

Overnight, the rainy weather system raced through South Australia. The likelihood of today’s light showers will diminish throughout the afternoon. Maximum temperature in Adelaide will be 23 degrees Celsius.

Today is expected to bring heavy rain to eastern Victoria, with thunderstorms possible on and north of the ranges. Melbourne will reach a high of 19 degrees Celsius.

Today, heavy rains are pouring throughout eastern New South Wales. Around the northern shore, there is a possibility of thunderstorms. During today, surf conditions will become less hazardous. Sydney will reach a high of 27 degrees Celsius with a risk of thunderstorms.