Over the weekend, a passenger on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship died after falling from a balcony, landing on a lower deck, and hitting someone else.

In a statement to Insider, a Virgin Voyages spokesperson said that a passenger had a “medical emergency” shortly after the ship’s initial departure on Sunday. The ship was on its way to Roatan, Honduras, at the time.

“This passenger fell from their balcony onto a lower deck, and even though they got help right away, they have died. We are very sad about this person’s death, and our hearts and thoughts are with their family and friends “what was being said.

A cruise ship guest died after falling from a balcony and hitting another person on a lower level 2023 2

The Brave Lady’s balcony killed a Virgin Voyages guest.

The person who fell also hit another passenger on the lower deck, but the spokesperson said that person wasn’t hurt too badly.

After what happened, the cruise ship was sent straight back to Miami. It has since left again to continue the cruise, but the planned route has been changed.

Insider asked the Miami Police Department and the FBI for comments, but neither agency replied right away.

A YouTuber who was on the cruise posted a video of the announcements that were made to passengers, such as the fact that the ship was going to turn around at 11 p.m. because of a medical emergency.

Another passenger was hit, although not badly.

J. Alexander, who runs the YouTube channel The Shiplife, said that people on board told him hours later that someone had fallen off a balcony. Around 8 a.m., the captain told everyone that someone had fallen and died.

Alexander said that the incident scared the people on board, and that some people got off the ship in Miami instead of continuing the cruise.

He also said that Virgin Voyages has been very helpful and has given people credits for future cruises.