Since a couple of weeks ago, Ramayan, the magnum opus of Nitesh Tiwari, has generated considerable chatter. It was reported that the film is on hold because the crew could not find a suitable actor to portray Raavan.

According to reports, Ranbir Kapoor and Sai Pallavi will portray Ram and Sita in the film. Alia Bhatt was spotted visiting Nitesh Tiwari on the day that it was reported that the film had been placed on pause.

It was alleged that Alia Bhatt has joined the cast of the film shortly after a photo of her visiting Nitesh Tiwari’s office went viral. She has reportedly supplanted Sai Pallavi in the film as Sita.

According to reports, Ranbir Kapoor will portray Ram in the film. After portraying Shiva and Isha in “Brahmastra,” the real-life couple is poised to portray Ram and Sita in the epic.

Alia Bhatt would play Sita in the next Ramayan film alongside Ranbir Kapoor.

Alia Bhatt as Sita in Ramayan: Reports 2023 2

According to reports in Pinkvilla, Ranbir has frequently visited the DNEG office to monitor Ramayan’s progress. Reportedly, the film crew is currently conducting appearance testing with Ranbir in the role of Lord Ram.

According to the claim, Nitesh Tiwari, Namit Malhotra, Madhu Mantena, and their team have constructed an entire pre-visualized world for the epic at the “Ramayana Office” that Ranbir and Alia have been frequenting over the past few weeks.

Alia Bhatt was reportedly the first option of the producers for the portrayal of Sita. However, due to scheduling conflicts and other issues, Alia declined the role. However, it appears that the actress and the producers have reached an agreement, and Alia will portray the role.

On the other hand, the producers of Ramayan are reportedly in negotiations with KGF’s Yash to portray Raavan. According to reports, the negotiations have been ongoing for eight months and appear to be proceeding in the correct direction.

The film Ramayan will be produced by Allu Aravind, Madhu Mantena, and Namit Malhotra, and directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Ravi Udyawar. It is anticipated to go on sale between December 2023 and January 2024.