IAS Officer Niyaz Khan, known for his literary work, recently posted a tweet in which he advised Muslims to protect animals and oppose religious conversions.

Khan’s tweet was published during a time when the Hijab controversy at Damoh School caused a commotion throughout the state.

MP Hijab Controversy: FIR Filed Against Ganga Jamuna School In Damoh Following Allegations Of Religion Conversion

Khan wrote: “Muslim siblings, become protectors of cows. Oppose religious conversions. Nobody should be forced to alter their religion. Islam prohibits this practice.

Adopting vegetarianism if feasible would be a commendable endeavor. Nonetheless, vegetarianism cannot be compelled. Let each Muslim keep amicable relations with Brahmins.”

IAS Officer Niyaz Khan Urges Muslims to Protect Cows, Oppose Religion Conversion Damoh School Scandal 2023 2

Recent Twitter updates from Niyaz Khan

On June 7, Khan tweeted, “Four to five percent of Brahmins oppose me in every interview or tweet about the grandeur of Brahmins. Even worse, they use disrespectful language.

The good news is, however, that the preponderance of Brahmins across the nation support my book. I do not comprehend why a few Brahmins are angry with me.”

Khan’s Balanced Viewpoint

Khan does not favor Brahmins exclusively and frequently presents a balanced perspective in his tweets.

Two days ago, he tweeted, “Many times, when I see Brahmin siblings across the country using abusive language against me on public platforms.

I wonder who made it feasible for those who were considered the most qualified to be in this position. Brahmins’ tongues once gushed with nectar-like language. How did this circumstance arise? The issue must be addressed.”