America is again rattled by a gunshot tragedy. A lady in her 28th year opened fire at an elementary school in the city of Nashville, in the state of California. This tragic event claimed the lives of six people, including three children. The event took occurred on the morning of March 27th, this year.

Police learned a Nashville lady was firing at an elementary school.

According to a report, around 10 am, police received information that a woman was shooting at an elementary school in the Nashville area. The authorities arrived quickly and attempted to question the woman while they were there.

But, as she aimed the pistol at the police, finally the cops also fired fire. In this occurrence, the accused woman died on the scene. Nonetheless, it is still unknown what was the actual reason the lady for fired and the police are examining the case.

The frequency of shootings in the United States has climbed during the previous several years. Even on Sunday, two young people opened fire on each other inside a gurdwara in the state of California. Two people were injured in this incident.