On Wednesday, June 7, the Deputy Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, stated that anyone who takes the law into their own hands within the state will face severe repercussions.

His comments came in the wake of the enormous demonstrations that broke out in Kolhapur against a social media status that reportedly exalted the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and degraded a Maratha national figure. His views come as a result of the recent events.

Some of Aurangzeb’s children have all suddenly shown up in some regions of Maharashtra, as was said in the following sentence: “Maharashtra’s various districts have seen the sudden appearance of Aurangzeb’s offspring.

“They are posting pictures and status updates on social media of Aurangzeb, which is causing ill will in society,” he stated. “[T]hey are spreading false information about him.”

“The question is, where have Aurangzeb’s children suddenly come from, where were they born, and who is behind this?” he remarked. “Who is behind this?” he asked.

'Aurangzeb ki auladein…': Devendra Fadnavis responds to Kolhapur protests over social media post 2023 2

Fadnavis has stated that the matter is currently under control, but that stern punishment would be taken against whoever was responsible for it.

Protests on a Massive Scale in Maharashtra

People from various right-wing groups converged at the Shivaji Maharaj Chowk at approximately ten in the morning on Wednesday and began chanting slogans against the two accused individuals who had posted a status praising the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. This led to large demonstrations taking place in Kolhapur.

We would not stand for the glorification of Mughal rulers on the territory that belongs to the Marathas. When it comes to the defense of Hindu society, we are prepared to draw our swords. An violent demonstrator yelled out that this would not be accepted by the crowd.

'Aurangzeb ki auladein…': Devendra Fadnavis responds to Kolhapur protests over social media post 2023 3

Four Arrested for Carrying Aurangzeb’s Posters

On the morning of Sunday, June 4, around nine o’clock, a parade was staged in the Fakirwada region. Allegedly, four individuals were carrying posters of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. On Tuesday, the police said that a case will be opened against them.

The arrests were made after a video of the incident that was filmed in the Mukundnagar neighborhood of Ahmednagar and went popular on the internet. In the video, a guy can be seen brandishing a poster of Aurangzeb. On Monday, in response to the situation, the Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Devendra Fadnavis, stated that actions of this nature would not be condoned.