Sunday, a passenger bus drove off the road and sank into a ditch in Bangladesh’s central Madaripur district, approximately 63 kilometers south of the capital Dhaka. At least 17 passengers were killed and more than 26 others were injured.

Massive Bus Accident in Bangladesh 17 Killed and 26 Injured

Abdullahel Baki, an official with the local Shibchar Highway Police, informed reporters that “the passenger bus crashed into a roadside ditch, killing 14 people on the spot and injuring 25-26 others.”

According to Xinhua news agency, he stated that three of the injured died en route to nearby hospitals.

The tragedy occurred at 7:30 a.m. local time when the driver lost control of the car and drove it into a ditch on a highway.

Bangladesh has one of the worst death rates for road accidents in the world, mostly owing to substandard roadways, badly maintained automobiles, incompetent drivers breaking traffic laws, and a lack of traffic department oversight.