#5 Best Laptops Under Rs 15000 in India | Latest 4GB RAM

Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

Laptops are becoming an essential part of daily life, if you are one of those guys who want to buy a laptop and have a low budget then you are in the right place. Here I will give you the list of best laptops under 15000 in India.

These laptops have good specs according to their specs, like 4gb ram, 500gb hard disk, i3 processor, 2 in 1 laptop, DVD drive.

There are many brands that are giving mini laptops under 15000. However, you will not get top brands like Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, Asus. But some of the brands have already started making in this range.

In this post, I will tell the best laptop under 15000 in India. If your budget is only 15000 for a laptop then you can buy a laptop under 15000 from here. Here is the list of best laptop under Rs. 15000 in India.

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Note: Prices May change time to time because of offers and discount provided by the Flipkart or Amazon.


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Here you will see laptop comparison table which will simplify all the laptops in good manner. so that you can decide if any laptops serves your need or not. 


After that we have shared laptops buying guide which will educate you little bit, so you don’t make wrong choice. Lets get started 🔥

Image and Rating

Name and Features



Overall performance and display design is amazing in this laptop, you should give it a try.


This Asus laptop has good hardware and has high durability. 


It is good laptop however it has celeron processor which is not so good in it, but it is best selling laptop in flipkart. 


If you don’t like iBall Company then I must say you should try this or read reviews about this laptop. 


this HP laptop also has 4GB RAM which gives edge point in this list. 


Extra features: Bezel less and lightweight laptop suitable for all type of work. 





Extra features: Battery Life Upto 10 hrs





Extra features: Good Design and enough storage at this price range. 




In this section you will learn laptop buying guide so that you can decide which laptops will fulfil your requirements. Always do extensive research while buying laptop as it is your hard earned money. 

Top #5 Laptops Under Rs 15000 in 2020

Best Laptop will make your life easier. 

  • RAM – In this range you can get 2GB RAM as well as 4GB, so I will suggest you to go with 4GB, if that laptop is not available in stock then you can buy 2GB RAM laptop as well or you can wait for 4GB RAM laptop.  
  • Processor – Processor helps a laptop to increase the performance level, if you don’t get latest processor then you might face slow process over the period of time. 
  • Battery Life – If you love working while travelling then this is the main concern for you, always remember to get good battery life laptop, or you can buy battery if it gets dead after 1 year of usage. 
  • Storage – Playing games, watching movies, editing your own videos, requires lots of storage so if your laptop doesn’t have that much storage you can buy external hard disk for the same. 
  • Display – Display is the only thing that you will stare for long period of time, So select good design display having less bezels, however in this range you won’t get good display but those laptops are worth the price. 

Features to consider when Buying a Laptop

Laptops has many features and benefits, but some of the features that you should ignore because these are some basic features that helps a laptop run smoothly. 


Display Size

Common display size is 15.6 inches so if you have don’t have any issues with that you can certainly go with 15.6 inches laptop. 



However, there are some people like me who would love to have 13 inches small kinda laptop that fits everywhere and is lightweight. 


Performance & Battery Life

Performance of laptop matters more because that’s the ultimate thing you are buying laptop, if you don’t get laptop with good performance then it’s not worth the price. 


Windows laptop’s battery gets drain over the period of time, so you will have to buy new battery after 1 year, it all depends upon your usage as well. If you are light weight user then battery performance will not affect you. 


Hell No:

As you know laptop is machine and over the period of time it gets degrade, so even if you don’t have budget never go for second hand. Moreover, you will never know if it is 3rd hand or 4th hand.  

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