Thala Dhoni struck two sixes at the Chepakkam venue in Chennai and became the first player in IPL history to surpass 5000 runs. As a result, admirers of Khushiyana are sharing a variety of bizarre memes on social media. Here are the most popular memes.

Dhoni smashed two sixes in a row.

The fact that Captain Dhoni would hit the field at Chepakkam Stadium in Chennai after 1,426 days was enough to boost fan anticipation for today’s IPL match. The Chennai team competed against the Lucknow squad. Team Chennai batted first. As the other players were aggressively scoring runs, Thala Dhoni entered the game in the eleventh hour and smashed two sixes in a row.

"Borkanda Singham" Thala Dhoni's 2 sixes to LSG 2

Two balls traveling faster than 140 kilometers per hour were struck into sixes by Dhoni, creating excitement among the Chennai supporters. Fans have been praising Dhoni’s six by uploading memes on social media. Examine some of the most popular memes among these memes. MS Dhoni Sixers uploaded a dazzling photo and referenced the song “Borkanda Singam Yarkadu Anjum” from the Vikram film “Borkanda Singam Yarkadu Anjum”

"Borkanda Singham" Thala Dhoni's 2 sixes to LSG 3

Likewise, 146 km. Mark Wood’s third delivery in the last over was smashed for a six by Dhoni. The ball traveled about 90 meters before falling. A line from the song Beast Mode from the film Beast describes it as follows: “The face of many people is a tiger that stands in front of many people.” The meme made in honor of Dhoni stating “Ninnu Aadura Puli Thane” in the lyric video is insane.

The love affair between the last over and Dhoni is the world’s most beautiful. In Thiruvilayadal Arambam, Mylaswamy would deceive Dhanush and Karunas into purchasing alcoholic beverages. As Dhanush learns he is cheating and attempts to offer him alcohol, Mylaswamy declares, “I’m Done.” In this manner, some Dhoni admirers would argue that a head six is sufficient. When Dhoni smacked two sixes in today’s match, Mailsamy modified the verse to “2 balls.. 2 Sixes. I’m Done for the Day,” a Dhoni fan meme.

"Borkanda Singham" Thala Dhoni's 2 sixes to LSG 4

It was long believed that Dhoni struck sixes off of net bowlers. Fans from Mumbai and RCB would mock Dhoni about this. But, Dhoni has blasted three sixes in two games. In reference to this, the phrase “En Kannu Vennumnu Ketiyame” is said in the opening sequence of Kamal Haasan’s film. The meme “Eto net bowlers-a just thaan adipannu thaan adipannu shonniamiam” is a fantastic pump for supporters.

In today’s IPL game, Dhoni reached 5000 runs after smashing two consecutive sixes. This will be spoken by Ravi Shastri’s role in Abhiyum Naam, and the tender touch is the sentimental touch of the meme generated by converting the phrase “Enga Amma Sir” to Dhoni as “Enga Thala Sir.”