In preparation for the approaching Hanuman Jayanti procession, the police commissioner of the city, CV Anand, had a meeting with relevant parties.

At a meeting, top officers from the EMRI, GHMC, Cantonment, Roads and Building department, Fire Department, and TSRTC met with representatives from the Rachakonda, Cyberabad, and Hyderabad police commissionerates. In addition, Bajarangdal and VHP members joined them.

EMRI, GHMC, Cantonment, R&B, Fire Department, and TSRTC top personnel met with Rachakonda and Cyberabad police commissioners.

Hyderabad: Hanuman Jayanti commissioner meets 2023 2

According to a press release from the Hyderabad police, the city police will keep track of everyone who attends the march in order to identify troublemakers. Anand emphasized the need of following the designated procession routes, diversions, and timings.

Given the dynamic nature of the processions and the fact that multiple tributary processions are approaching the city limits from neighboring commissionerates, we must organize and conduct ourselves accordingly.”

Bajarangdal and VHP members joined.

The announcement stated, “given the dynamic character of the processions and the presence of many tributary processions approaching city bounds from neighboring commissionerates, we must coordinate and behave appropriately.”

Representatives from a variety of departments claimed that the essential preparations, including tree trimming, rubbish removal, barricading, lighting, and the replacement of low-hanging wires, were underway to ensure a faultless procession.

3Afterwards, CP Anand, the event’s organizers, and officials from various departments reviewed the 12-kilometer procession route, which passes via Rammandir (Gowliguda), Puthlibowli, YMCA, RTC X road, Bible House, and Hanuman Temple, Tadbund.