Jungkook, a member of BTS who recently visited Los Angeles, was featured in several new photos shared by Scott ‘Scooter’ Braun. Scott shared photos featuring Bang Si-Hyuk, Andrew Watt, and others on Instagram on Monday. In the first photograph, Jungkook is seen posing with his pals in a studio. (Also Read: Jungkook has supper with Kim Mingyu and Cha Eun-woo)

The following image featured Bang Si-Hyuk alongside the rest of the team. The final slide depicted Bang Si-Hyuk and a woman grinning while Jungkook recorded a song with another individual. Jungkook was photographed wearing a white T-shirt, denim jacket, grey trousers, and white footwear.

Post caption: “History always fascinates. These times. Big one. Teamwork works.”

Bang Si-Hyuk also posted a photo on Instagram with Jungkook and Andrew Watt. In the photograph, Jungkook was holding Bang Si-Hyuk and Andrew in his arms. Everyone grinned and posed for the photograph. He wrote in the caption, “Together with #JK and @thisiswatt Gracias, @scooterbraun. You created it! #hybeamerica #bighitmusic #sbproject #HYBE.”

BTS fans wonder if Jungkook is working with Justin Bieber in new clip: "History is being made." 2023 2

A BTS fan responded to the new images by writing, “Justin Bieber feat. Jungkook when?????? A comment stated, “It had better be JB.” “Jungkook x Justin Bieber?????!!!!!!! Everyone is rooting for Jungkook feat. Justin to succeed “stated a third party. An Instagram user said, “History is about to be made.” “We are ecstatic!! We adore you Jungkook. He will go down in history “commented a second admirer.

Someone wrote, “A JK album is forthcoming.” A admirer stated, “Jungkook is coming to topple the throne of K-Pop.” “JK1 is arriving, and it will undoubtedly alter the world,” said another person. Another comment stated, “Jungkook x Justin Bieber is in the bag, let’s go.” “I am so pleased of Jungkook, and I have always anticipated this momentous occasion. Whether it’s a composition, a collaboration, or an entire album, whatever it is, we want it “wrote a user on Instagram.

Prior to his recent trip to the United States, Jungkook held a live session on Weverse. It included BTS members J-Hope and V. The youngest member of BTS had stated, “I asked in our group messaging if anyone would like to come over, so Hobi hyung and Taehyung hyung showed up. It was enjoyable conversing with them on a variety of subjects. I had no intention of performing live, but they forced me to.”