Since infancy, we have heard the tale of Walmi’s transformation into a Valmiki of Valya arachnid. Since this narrative is very old, some individuals question whether or not it is true. However, such incidents have been reported in the media in recent years. This is an example of mahatma flower idolatry.

Two assassins meant to kill them became their masters and comrades. Recognizing stories.

Mahatma Phule Juanti: Vala Valmiki, flowers made Mahatma! Assassin 2023 2

Flowers devoted her life to empowering women and exploited, impoverished peasants. During that period, he and his wife, Savitribai Flowers, faced numerous obstacles. People’s conversation, quips, and intermittent profanity. Some even hurled excrement at them. However, they do not deviate from their source of income. Seeing this, two assassins were sent to assassinate them.

The blossoms awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a murmur. Two shadowy figures appeared in the dim light of the samai and demanded aloud who was there. At that moment, one of the murderers stated, “You have arrived to assess.” The second cry therefore indicates that you have arrived to seduce Yamaden.

Flowers on it inquired as to why you had come to murder me.

On this basis, they stated that we have been sent to murder you despite the fact that you have done us no wrong.

Flowers inquired as to your motive for murdering me.

He stated that we would each receive thousands of rupees.

The flowers responded, “Ah, or if you will benefit by murdering me, take my head.” I recognize that it is my good fortune that only those who have regarded me as fortunate for my dedication to the welfare of the impoverished will slit my throat. Come on, now. My life is going well. In any event, my demise is in the poor’s best interests.

The perpetrator regained his senses. They apologize for mahatma blossoms. Allow those who sent you to murder you to kill you, he said.

The flowers gave them the impression that this act of retribution should not be based on intelligence, and as a result, they both became flower laborers. The first is named Rode, while the second is Pt. Dhondiram Namdev.

It is socially acceptable to query how four or five sentences can alter a person’s entire existence. But mahatma flowers are more than just words; they have lived. This is the core of their existence. Not only did they devote their lives to the exploiters, but their ideals continue to guide and direct society to this day.