On Thursday, a father was taken into custody here on allegations that he had killed his daughter, who was 20 years old, by strangling her and then dumping her corpse in a river.
The corpse of Kajal, who was from the Hetimpur Mathia hamlet and lived under the Mahuadih police station, was discovered in the Chhoti Gandak River on April 2, according to the Superintendent of Police Sankalp Sharma. According to Mr. Sharma, she hadn’t been seen for a few days at that point.

She was having an affair with a young guy in Hamlet, according to the police, and someone told her father, Naushad, about it. A post-mortem examination proved that she was pregnant, the police claimed, adding that she was having the affair before she passed away.

Police said a post-mortem showed she was pregnant and having an affair with a rural youth.

UP Father Kills 20-Year-Old Daughter, Throws Corpse In River; Arrested: Police 2023 2

According to the findings of the investigation, Naushad let his anger get the best of him and murdered Kajal. According to the authorities, he then placed the deceased person’s body in a bag before tossing it into the Chhoti Gandak River.

According to the Superintendent of Police, members of the accused person’s family have confided in the police that Naushad had sent them all away to a religious location before to the event in question.

The officer stated that the man afterward fabricated a tale that his daughter had gone missing and even participated in the search operations. The officer also stated that the man admitted his guilt while being interrogated.