Rajesh Naik Ulippadiguthu, a member of the Legislative Assembly, stated that he fought for the survival of religion and culture and not for power; he did so out of duty.

Pilimogar spoke at a meeting of prominent Shakti Kendra activists hosted by Koppala Sitarama Pujari. In order to attain power, Congress has resorted to deceit and slander, causing it to flounder like a fish hoisted out of water.

Bantwala: Fights for the survival of religions and civilizations rather than for power

Bantwala Fights for religions, cultures, not powers -Rajesh Naik 2023 2

Therefore, he urged the employees not to permit confusion and to give the BJP an opportunity to control the government with two engines. He has earned the affection and confidence of thousands of people in his field.

He stated that in exchange for the vote of the constituents, I have provided moral support to the constituents by standing with them in every difficulty and in the joy of the developing people, which is God’s labor.

To facilitate the organizational growth of the party, I was entrusted with the responsibility of allocating grants for constituency development projects. He stated that only if the party becomes powerful will the laborer have the opportunity to become powerful.

President of Buda Devdas Shetty expressed delight that Rajesh Naik is the first MLA of Bantwala to conclude five years of successful development. He stated that Rajesh Naik, the only MLA who has provided personal assistance in addition to government grants to Sarwari, must collaborate in order to be re-elected as MLA for the Bantwala constituency. He stated that the re-election of Rajesh Naik, the BJP candidate, would ensure perpetual peace and tranquility in Bantwala.

M. Tungappa Bangera, a former member of the Zilla Panchayat, stated that he has developed in a manner befitting the title of finest MLA in the state despite receiving fewer ballots from us.
Rajesh Naik, a chauvinist, a religious socialist with a mild demeanor, and a nationalist who earned the respect of the Bantwal constituency, should be re-elected to the position of MLA. In addition, BJP MLAs must be elected in Bantwala for the next month.

Protects religions and civilizations, not power

Bantwala Fights for religions, cultures, not powers -Rajesh Naik 2023 3

Devappa Poojary, president of Rajesh Naik’s constituency, stated that Rajesh Naik has fulfilled his responsibilities as an MLA with integrity over the past five years. However, field employees must go door-to-door to inform and remind residents about the service. He was pleased that opposition party members also praised his development efforts and personality.

On the stage were Secretary Purushottama Shetty Vamadapadavu, District Youth Morcha General Secretary Sudarshan Baja, Pilimogaru Gram Panchayat Members Vinod Salian, Kusumramesh, and Sunandasurendra, Booth President Jayaram Koppala, Secretary Praneet Barakinede, Venkatesh Bhat, and Kamal Shetty, among others.