Adah Sharma takes on the role of the protagonist in “The Kerala Story.” The movie has been performing quite well at the box office, but recently, there has been a noticeable shift toward a declining trend in its earnings.

On June 2, the movie grossed close to one crore Indian rupees across all languages.

Box Office Collection Day 29

According to preliminary estimates, the movie made approximately 1 crore rupees (net) on its 29th day of release, bringing the grand total to 231.72 rupees (net) in India.

Since the time when the movie was first made available to the public, it has been the subject of much debate. The fact that moviegoers had a range of responses to The Kerala Story did not prevent it from being successful at the box office.

Day 29: Adah Sharma's film's box office drops 2023 2

As a result of this, it is unlikely that the movie would be able to surpass the record of Rs 250 crore in the future.

About Kerala Story

Adah Sharma portrays a Hindu woman from Kerala in the film The Kerala Tale, which was directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Shah.

The film narrates the tale of a woman’s life. She is subjected to Islamic radicalization propaganda and then deported to Syria, where she is coerced into joining the terrorist organization known as ISIS. There, she suffers a terrible beating.

Recently, Naseeruddin Shah, a famous actor, gave an interview in which he discussed why the popularity of “The Kerala Story” might be a worrying trend.