Following the critical and commercial success of the film Citadel, which starred Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden, the producers of the film are now preparing to release the Indian adaptation, which stars Varun Dhawan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

The announcement has already caused a significant amount of enthusiasm among the supporters. In a recent piece of information, it was disclosed that the Indian adaptation of “Citadel,” which will be directed by Raj and DK, would be a precursor to its international counterpart.

Samantha will play Priyanka’s mother, a former Citadel agent.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu will play Priyanka Chopra's mother in the Indian adaptation of Citadel 2023 2

This Indian series will take place before the events of the international adaptation and will feature Priyanka Chopra as a more youthful iteration of her character, Nadia Sinh.

According to Sources, the actress who will play Nadia has revealed that Samantha would play the part of Nadia’s mother. Samantha showed excitement about the job, and she stated that she would be playing the character of Nadia’s mother.

This essentially indicates that Varun Dhawan would be playing the role of Priyanka’s father in the film.

According to the source, this issue is only a “technicality” because both versions will take place in separate eras of history.

Samantha recently told a supporter that the Indian adaptation of “Citadel” is not a replica of the original film. This clarification was necessary since she had previously released photographs from her birthday celebration.

This led one of her fans to wonder whether her upcoming film, Citadel, would follow the same plot or whether it would be a Hindi dub of the original film. The instant response from Samantha was, “It is not a REMAKE!!”

The directors have not yet divulged the specifics of Samantha and Varun’s roles to the public.

Varun Dhawan’s Voice Cameo In Prime Video’s Citadel

In the English adaptation of the suspenseful spy thriller series, the actor Varun Dhawan appeared in an unexpected appearance. Varun was revealed to be Nadia’s biological father, Rahi Gambir, in the sixth episode of the series.

However, the only thing that was heard throughout the episode was his voice. Fans were still unclear about the situation till the producers verified it by including a “special thanks” to the “Bhediya” actor in the closing credits of the movie.

Fans are pretty anxious to learn more about the Indian adaptation of “Citadel,”, especially given the fact that the creators have already provided quite a few teasers about the show.