The team of plastic surgeons at PGI’s Apex Trauma Center reattached a ten-year-old girl’s severed limb. This Nigoha resident was trapped in an oil-carrying machine and severed The outlays and the infant girl arrived at PGI’s Trauma Center, where physicians promptly began surgery by transporting the infant to OT.

Lucknow PGI doctors revived a 10-year-old girl. The oil-carrying machine severed the child’s hand from the shoulder.

The infant is now healthy and blood flow to the nerves of the extremities has resumed. Physicians say that after a few microsurgeries, the baby’s hand will begin functioning normally. This is the first operation of its kind at PGI.

On February 23, at 4:15 p.m., the right hand of Ved Prakash’s infant daughter was severed after becoming entangled in a machine. The transports arrived at the Trauma Center at 5:50 By then, the infant was heavily hemorrhaging The team of surgeons and anesthesiologists carefully examined the patient and his severed right hand. After this, the severed hand was cleansed and brought to the operating room, where preparations were made to reconnect it.

It required only four hours to add hands.

Surgery Dr. Ankur Bhatnagar noted that adding a shoulder-cut limb is the greater challenge. It must be operational within six hours of the occurrence. Two hours had elapsed prior to the start of the operation. The greatest difficulty was adding the patient’s hand in four hours. For this, we assembled a group of 25 individuals. Nerva, Artry, and Vance were introduced at this time. With the increased blood supply, six units of blood were also offered.

Doctor God's second form… The infant girl's hand was sliced off her shoulder in four hours 2023 2

The patient was placed on a ventilator for the first two days following surgery. After four days of observation in the intensive care unit, the patient was transferred to the ward.

A kidney failure threat existed.

Dr. Ankur stated that in such a scenario, the patient’s life is at its greatest risk due to the accumulation of toxicity within the muscle. In such a case, after blood flow, these hearts can reach the kidney and cause its failure, resulting in the patient’s death.

After six hours, toxins start to accumulate. In such a circumstance, we decided to finish the surgery before that Following the baby’s nerve development, muscle transfer surgery will be performed. In such a case, the child’s hand will eventually resume normal function.

Surgical staff included

Prof. of the Plastic Surgery Department Ankur Bhatnagar, Dr. Anupama Singh, and Dr. Rajiv Bharati comprise the surgical team. Senior Resident Dr. Tanjum Kambose, Dr. Bhupesh Gogia, Dr. Gautam, Dr. Keshav of Orthopedics, Dr. Siddharth, Anesthesiology HOD and Dean of Trauma Center, Dr. Ganpat, OT team and ICU resident personnel, including Da Dynasty, Da Rafat, and Da Suruchi were all present.