Mahatma Jaliba flowers, Bhartatan Dr. The Bakshe Mbe Mbeedkar anniversary is commemorated by the four-day Multidimensional Equality Mountain Mountains held at the New Inglech High School on behalf of various organizations.

According to the chairperson of the organizing committee, the event will conclude on April 1 with a performance by Indian Idolfem Sayle Kambale. At the press conference, Pillap Kambale, President Sanjay Ghate, President Pra. Isadas Bhadke, Nandu Nagarkar, and Tendent Khobragade spoke.

Bhartatan Dr. For the Bakashe Mbe Mbeedkar anniversary, many groups organized the four-day Multidimensional Equality Mountain Mountains at New Inglech High School.

The event will commence with a Pramajan Paralya on April 11 at 8:00 a.m., followed by a press conference at the Chandrappur Press Club. Former Energy Minister Nitin Raut will unveil the Samata Parva Parva at 1 p.m.

Chivade will be represented by Collector Viny Gouda, Police Superintendent Ravindra Singh Foreign, CTPS Chief Engineer Pankj Sapate, Teen Mankar, Resident Deputy Registrar Vishram, and Superintendent Engineer Sandhikade of Mahavit.

Kanhaikumar, a former minister in the Delhi government, Rajendrapal Gautam, a prominent thinker, and Pvt. Dr. Sangiyanesh Kambal will perform the awakening during the four-day event. On April 12, the IPS officer at Nagaland will be the chief of Sandip Tamagadge, who is the late dark, Sheikh Sukhan Ali, OBC at Tamil Nadu, and Mamedkari leader G. Karunanidhi will provide guidance on various subjects.

Pradip Dhoble leads. The winner of Chandrapur Idol will be declared on April 1st at the final round.

Former Minister Chhaga Bhagat, IPS Officer Milind Dumbare, former Minister Jinendra Vrahad, and Dr. Lakshman Yadav will be present on 1 April. Ashok, the superintendent engineer of IAS Vijhar Vikalha’s ejaculation, will be present on April 1, Amravati Dr. Kamalakar Pyrus, Inj.

The Multidimensional Gems Award will be presented to the dignitaries who are operating exceptionally well in a variety of disciplines. Included in the gemstone are Gajan Gavande Guruji, Shoral Bhutanakha, Ad. Menstrual Samput, Bubnerav Fund, Khushal Telang Guruji, Naren Gedam, Teen Vyavar, Hirachand Borkute, Prabul Devnade, Sunti Shinde, Dr. Talent tigermare, and Ashok Savant’s plural.