In conjunction with the Bhagat Singh Youth Festival, SFI and DYFI organized a two-kilometer race on Sunday to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use. The race started at the University of Osmania University NCC Gate and ended at the Faculty of Arts.

Protest Against Drugs

On Sunday, March 19th, students from SFI and DYFI ran from the NCC Gate at Osmania University to the Faculty of Arts as part of the Bhagat Singh Youth Festival’s “Say No to Drugs” campaign. The race was initiated by veteran High Court lawyer Vidyasagar, DYFI Secretary of State Venkatesh, and SFI Secretary of State Murthy. Prati’s citizens and government should work together to prevent young people from being hooked to narcotics.

On March 23, Bhagat Singh encouraged many young people to visit the Sundaraya Science Center for youth festivals. Leaders Javed, Srinu, Saiqiran, Anand Sharma, Krishna, Ramya, Vidana, Nageshwari, Navarreddi, and Shriman, as well as the SFI OU Secretary Ravinayak and the District Secretary Ashok Reddy, were present.