Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has denied blocking access to embed messages in posts on the online publishing platform Substack.

This occurred after renowned journalist and author Matt Taibbi, known for disseminating the Twitter Files, blamed Twitter for preventing the sharing of links to his articles on Substack.

Many are upset that Twitter has limited promotion and exposure for tweets with Substack links.

“I was given the option to instead post articles on Twitter. Next week, I will transition to Substack Notes, though I will remain at Substack “He posted a message.

Musk replied: “Matt’s statement is false. Substack attempted to obtain a substantial portion of the Twitter database in order to bootstrap their Twitter clone, so their IP address is evidently untrusted “.

He added that, as it turns out, “Matt is/was an employee of Substack.”

Twitter has restricted the propagation and visibility of tweets containing links to Substack posts, a move that has not been well received by the public.