The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is currently in trouble with Twitter. Twitter has designated the BBC’s Verified Twitter account as ‘Government Funded Media,’ which has enraged the BBC’s owners. This issue has been objected to on behalf of ‘BBC’ by Twitter management. BBC stated that Tiver should promptly withdraw this label from us.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a company that was founded in the United Kingdom decades ago and is also administered by the British government, from which it receives funding. Gradually, he launched his worldwide broadcast channels and portals.

And by the turn of the 21st century, a popular use service had been established. However, the identity remained the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Today, the BBC provides urgent news in a variety of languages via television and radio programs, podcasts, and websites.

BBC's Twitter account labeled "Government Sponsored Media" enraged British business 2023 2

Dispute between BBC and Twitter

BBC has many Twitter accounts. In such a case, Twitter applies a special designation based on the identity of government and non-government institutions; consequently, the account of BBC’s 2.2 million followers fell under this category. Twitter has deceived “Government Funded Media,” i.e. “Government Funded Media,” into believing that BBC is “Government Funded Media,” to which “BBC” has objected. According to ‘BBC,’ Tiver should not do this. Because we are a ‘entitlement’ news organization, Twitter should remove the label ‘Government Funded Media’ from our profile.

The company stated, “We are independent institutions, and the fund provides the British public with benefits.”

The BBC statement indicated, “The administrators of Tiver are being contacted in an effort to resolve this issue as soon as feasible. The BBC is and has always been independent. The British public finances us through license payments.”

What Twitter says about identifying

In addition, Twitter’s ‘label’ appears on accounts that operate as government institutions or receive funding from the government, according to Twitter’s website. Twitter states, “State-affiliated media accounts are venues where the state provides financial support, exerts direct or indirect political pressure, and/or controls editorial content via production and distribution.”

It remains to be seen if Tiver will remove the designation ‘Government Funded Media’ from the BBC’s account, or if the label will remain.