Killian Embappé, a footballer for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has been enraged. The reason is a promotional video in which Messi, Neymar, and other teammates do not appear. Thursday on Instagram, Embappé wrote, “I do not concur with this published video.” PSG is a wonderful institution and large family, but Killian Saint-Germain is not a member.

Embappé, enraged with PSG, issued the following statement 2023 2

Embappé sole participant in the video

Embappé is the only player featured in the video. The video aimed to persuade supporters to purchase season tickets. Some game footage depicts teammates such as goalkeeper Jianluigi Donaruma. The 24-year-old Embappé explained the significance of supporters to his club Embappé wrote that he was not notified how the stadium-based interviews would be utilized. This club resembled an interview on Marketing Day, he wrote. PSG continues to lead the French League by six points, but has been eliminated from the Champions League.

France will shortly have a new commander.

Killian Embappé will shortly become captain of the France national football team. Following a discussion with his team’s coach, DDier Deschemps, the French star player has agreed to this proposal. Hugo Lloris was the captain of the France football team until January, when he announced his retirement from international competition. The 36-year-old French goalkeeper Loris proclaimed his retirement in the final of the FIFA World Cup 2022, a month after Argentina’s clutches. It is now determined that Embappé will have a new captain.