In the WWE throughout the course of the past three years, Roman Reigns has been unbeatable. The fans feel that LA Knight may be a credible option to win the high-stakes ladder match if he were to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. This is one of the most likely ways that The Tribal Chief could be dethroned.

Fans react to the possibility of a 40-year-old WWE star winning Money in the Bank 2023 2

He’s the one to unseat Roman Reigns.

Since abandoning his Max Dupri character and reverting to his more traditional sound, the 40-year-old artist has gained a significant amount of acclaim from his devoted following. Despite the fact that he has not won many bouts on the main roster, Knight has been featured heavily in TV programming over the last several months, and the business believed in him enough to make their first feud with Bray Wyatt once he returned from injury.

Recent rumors have suggested that Triple H has some ambitious goals in mind for the SmackDown star in the aftermath of WrestleMania 39. Since then, supporters have gone to Twitter to voice their opinions over the prospect of Knight winning the Money in the Bank briefcase at the premium live event of the same name.