In Hyderabad, Telangana, members of the Akila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) demonstrated against the Bharatiya Rashtriya Samiti Party, which is now in power, in response to the leaking of government examination question papers. They were intercepted by the police, placed under arrest, and taken away in a van.

According to this, sixteen of the demonstrators were reportedly taken into custody in a vehicle and brought to the Saibabad police station. In this particular instance, when the van was driving over the Khairatabad overpass, the driver, Ramesh, who was 58 years old and a police officer, suddenly had a seizure and passed out.

The hero police officer valued life and safeguarded 16 people 2023 2

Law enforcement official who saved the lives of 16 people

Inspector Karunakar Reddy of the Police Department claims that ABVP members were present in the police vehicle during the demonstration. There were 16 other members and I seated there. The driver of the van lost consciousness as they drove over the flyover area, which resulted in the van skidding out of control.

After colliding with a barrier that caused a break in the center of the road, the van began to shake violently. Almost immediately, I unlocked the rear door of the vehicle and climbed out from it. The right knee was the affected area of the injury.

After that, I made a dash for the van and got the driver’s door open. On finding the driver, they found them slouched down in the seat. Blood was gushing out of his lips in a steady stream. The moment I realized what was happening, I used one hand to steer the cart to the left. I used the other hand to apply pressure to the cart’s brake button.

He remarked through clenched teeth that it was a miracle that the vehicle had stopped after colliding with a large tree. Because of this, Karunakaran ran and rescued the lives of 16 people who were inside the vehicle without paying heed to the fact that he was hurt in the process. His bosses have nothing but praise for him because of this.