Mera Na, the final song by the late Punjabi vocalist Sidhu Moose Wala, was released on Friday, much to the delight of his worldwide fans. The singer, who was murdered in a barbaric attack on May 29, 2022, had previously recorded the song, which is now being released posthumously. The tune also features Burna Boy and Steel Banglez, two international performers.

Late singer Sidhu Moose Wala, who was shot dead on May 29, recorded his last track Mera Na before the incident took place.

The audio and video of the tune were simultaneously released and feature concert footage and graffiti depictions of Sidhu from around the globe. Burna Boy performs the rap in this single, while Steel Banglez is responsible for the soundtrack. The song concludes with the line “legends never expire” and a visual of Sidhu in paradise listening to the voices of support he received after his death.

With his stickers and visage plastered on walls, trucks, and bicycles, the song’s visuals demonstrate that the deceased vocalist lives on in the souls of Punjabis and foreigners. Additionally, the tune contains footage of Sidhu being surrounded by his admirers during public appearances. The video also includes footage from Drake’s concert, where he donned a T-shirt honoring Sidhu.

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A user on Instagram wrote, “Jaan aa gayi awaaz sun ke bhai di

Listening to their idol sing Mera Na evoked surges of emotion in the souls of the singer’s worldwide legion of devoted fans. The song was released on his official YouTube and Instagram channels, which were inundated with fan comments. A supporter remarked, “5 Million views in 4 Hour. Even Death is unable to halt his legacy. SIDHU FOREVER,” another admirer wrote. “Let’s once more pay a grand tribute to the legend Sidhu moose wala gentleman.” A user on Instagram wrote, “Jaan aa gayi awaaz sun ke bhai di (After hearing brother’s voice, I feel energized).

Mera Na is the third composition to be published posthumously by Sidhu. The remaining two songs were by SYL and a tune about the Sikh warrior Hari Singh Nalwa. Mera Na reached 1 million views on YouTube within 15 minutes of its release, as his admirers have noted in the YouTube remarks section.

Sidhu was mowed down near Mansa in Punjab on May 29, a day after the Punjab government had lowered his and many others’ security coverage. Along with two others, the 28-year-old was shot to death while traveling his SUV in the Mansa district village of Jawahar Ke. Upon arrival at the Mansa Civil Hospital, he was pronounced deceased.