Ravi Teja, who has been continuously producing films, presented “Ravanasura.” It appears from the trailer to be an excellent action film with a large cast. As Dhamaka and Walther Veeraya’s upcoming film falls within this category, it is natural to have anticipation. So let’s examine its contents.

Odd homicides follow a particular pattern. The investigating officer endeavors to identify the underlying cause for all of them. More homicides occur before the true perpetrator is apprehended. Who is the assailant? How deftly does he evade being discovered? What is the motive behind the murders? Same tale.

A crisp screenplay is required for such a plot. Tension throughout. Why are we counting every line of dialogue and every shot? Everything should be tallied.

Regardless of how many cinematic liberties are taken, the story should feel logical.

The visage alters when a mask is worn, but how does the entire body transform?

Ravanasura Movie Review 2023 2

Exist coin receptacles in the present day?

Why place the photograph of Chief Minister KSyar on the wall of the police station and portray someone else as the Chief Minister?

Why does the investigating police not apprehend the perpetrator if he confesses to having committed all of the murders? Suspicion is insufficient; what is required? What is more convincing than the killer’s own confession?

As long as I’m watching this film, such inquiries irritate me.

The protagonist acts like a villain from the very beginning of the film. He commits homicides, kidnaps women, and betrays so frequently! .. In these suspenseful films, serial killers play a prominent role. However, the law cannot locate it. Our hero is a murderer who considers murdering without being captured a “art.”

Audiences who have seen hundreds of films assume that in order to justify a character’s actions, all those who perished at his hands must have been directly involved in a crime in which the protagonist, his wife, or his companion could be the victim. The denouement concludes inadequately and, at worst, predictably, without defying expectations. There is not a single track that stands out.

The only downside to the selected narrative point is that Ravi Teja desires to be sweetened.

It is an unofficial remake of the Bengali film “Vinchi Da,” with Srikanth Vissa identifying the plot. It has been altered slightly. They began to recreate payas and added salt and pepper to the story to make it more spicy. Putting a lengthy romantic track in the first half of a suspenseful crime thriller and duets in the second half without concentrating on the relationship between the characters are the causes of the pitiful writing.

Technically speaking, this film is extremely seamless. The music is unimpressive. A remix of the tune “Up to a thousand districts…” has been released. There is no explanation for why the original melody was included or why they were murdered.

Both the narrative and the narration were composed spontaneously.

Ravi Teja performed superbly. This is the only positive aspect of the situation. Besides that, he disliked the original character. This character appears to be an anthropomorphic creature and cannot be approached. At the conclusion, no sympathy remains.

The entry by Sushant was impressive, but his character did nothing but create masks.

Faria Abdullah’s position seems extraneous. Sriram is also acceptable.

Megha Akash is an insignificant character. She performed well.

The role of Murali Sharma is marginally larger than the guest role.

Rao Ramesh enjoys the Telangana intonation immensely.

The function of Jayaram as an investigating officer should be executed with more force and intelligence.

I have no idea why Adi is so frenetic. People may have believed that if four panchus were raised, sirens would be blown, but with the exception of two locations, no panchus were harvested.

The remainder of the cast is adequate. Nobody appeared to be performing the part. One of the reasons why the involvement of the artists does not register is a lack of organic flow in the screenplay and the addition of sequences that do not suit the main flow in order to lengthen it.

Ravi Teja, who was exhausted from consecutive defeats, was struck by “Dhamaka.” It soon became a success under the name “Walther Veeraya.” Ravi Teja, who was concerned about his films becoming successful, appears to have chosen the ideal film to fail. Otherwise, Ravi Teja should not have made the original film.

It can be said that he has eschewed routine in favor of variety. But doing so should not feel mundane. In addition, the forehead should be free of wrinkles. In addition, Ravi Teja is a beloved actor among family audiences. Dialogues such as “sprinkling him with sperm,” scenes in which actresses of heroine caliber are murdered by slitting their throats, and females collapsing on them and committing rapes…are all of these necessary?

This film by Ravi Teja will ultimately alienate the family audience. This is a film that defies categorization, which will please the general public but disappoint the die-hards.


Movie: Ravanasura
Rating: 2.25/5
Cast: Ravi Teja, Sushant, Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Faria Abdullah, Jayaram, Poojita Ponnada, Hyper Adi, Rao Ramesh, Sriram, Daksha Nagarkar, Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj etc Camera: Vijay
Karthik Kannan
Editing: Naveen Nooli
Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar, Bheems
Producer: Abhishek Nama, Ravi Teja
Director: Sudhir Varma
Release: 7 April 2023