Khamzat Chimaev has been inactive since his nightmare performance at UFC 279. However, he appears to be focused on his next fight. The Chechen superstar announced his next opponent and weight class in a recent tweet.

At UFC 279, Chimaev last entered the octagon. Chimaev was originally scheduled to compete in the main event against Nate Diaz, but he missed weight and faced Kevin Holland instead. Borz received considerable criticism for being unprofessional and underweight.

Since then, his future has been uncertain, with names being bandied about without any forthcoming fight news. In addition, many admirers and experts began to question whether the Swede could once again reach 170 pounds.

Meanwhile, one personality has been calling out Chimaev nonstop. Paulo Costa, a Brazilian middleweight, desires a bout with “The Wolf” and has resorted to various ploys to secure the bout.

As Chimaev has responded to ‘Borraccincha’ with his own callout, it appears that Costa may eventually get his wish.

Khamzat Chimaev challenges Paulo Costa to a match

UFC Fans Respond to Khamzat Chimaev's Opponent and Weight Class 2023 2

Khamzat Chimaev recently tweeted, “Cotsa, I am coming for you.” In addition, the 28-year-old included a photo of his current weight. The scale weighed 98.5 kilograms ( 216 lbs approx).

The fact that the Chechen is essentially a mini-heavyweight aroused some concerns among the fans. Many of them also expressed their annoyance with Chimaev for singling out combatants but never engaging them in combat.

One admirer believed Chimaev would win the MW championship. However, they also reminded him of how he blew a chance to become champion by failing to make weight at UFC 279. With a victory at UFC 279, Chimaev could have earned a chance at the championship.

One admirer, upon observing the weight, speculated that Chimaev was planning a move to light heavyweight.

Currently, Khmazat Chimaev is unquestionably one of the most intriguing UFC talents. The anticipation surrounding his contests and weight classes is identical.