By assimilating the ideals of great men’s ideas, the newer generation should contribute to society and the national interest. For the past seven years, Mr. Shivaji, Dr. Gupta, and Mr. Jadhav have performed this task every morning at Dapodi on behalf of the Phoenix Social Organization in the old Sangvi. A wreath is placed in front of the statue of Babashe Mangoder.

This foundation’s organization has created a board of youthful individuals. The organization’s leaders leave the regular old Sangvi in the morning, and the statues of Shapati Shivaji Shiksha and Dr. Babashe Mangodkar are hailed with a wreath. In the interim, the statue’s location is cleansed. The newer generation is currently losing the legacy of famous men’s ideas.

Sculptures of historical figures Traditional wreaths of greeting

The lack of exercise associated with mobile and internet access has had negative effects on physical and mental health. Through the organization, mountaineering, tourism, and enlightenment activities have been initiated so that the youth can contribute to the ideas of great men. The youth are gaining direction from these activities.

This initiative was initiated on 1 April by Dr. On the occasion of Babasheb Magedkar’s birthday, it should be commended for reaching its seventh year. Ravindra Yadav, Yogesh Kambale, Avinash Kambale, Vikram Kadam, Kla. Vasant Kambale, Sudhir Shinde, Rahul widow, Nimish Kambale, and Sunil Kambale Adi are participating in this activity.