The President of the AICC is quite knowledgeable. Get familiar with the politics of the state. I am only a priest; all I do is take what people have to say and convey it to God. God, according to the head of the KPCC, DK Shivakumar, will make the ultimate choice.

I'll convey what folks told God: Shivakumar 2023 2

I will deliver what people said to God

While he was in Delhi, he gave an interview to some reporters and remarked that all of the MLAs had done a wonderful job. Nevertheless, DKshi did not provide a response when the incumbent MLA was questioned over the ticket slippage.

I have no pressure. You’ve been a member of the party for the past three years. Learn who has previous experience. There have been 1150 applications submitted. Everyone has their sights set on being elected as an MLA.

You will be offered the chance to participate in the Parishad even if you are not selected to get a ticket. Those that have trouble will be placed in a different rank. There have been anywhere between five and six meetings already. There have been a lot of polls taken. He stated that he will make a choice after taking everything into consideration.