Indian Premier League (IPL) match played on April 1, between the release of the captive Sikhs who had finished their sentence in Punjab and the ongoing protest in Mohali over the action on Amritpal Had to go. The match will take hold at the stadium in Mohali. IS Bindra PCA Stadium in Mohali is in the midst of IPL match preparations. Notwithstanding the high alert in Punjab, the Mohali district government and IPL organizers have not yet altered the match schedule.

In Mohali, online ticket sales for both of these matches have begun. Ticket prices range from Rs 1,250 and Rs 9,00 On the other side, Nihang and other thugs have established a Koumi Insaf Front approximately two kilometers from the PCA Stadium in order to free the trapped Sikhs. In addition, Amritpal followers have tented close to Sohna Gurudvare.

Kaumi Insaf Morcha, the Kings XI-KKR match on 1 April, favors Amritpal and the captive Sikhs 2023 2

Mujim from further districts will also arrive.

In addition to Mohali police, personnel from neighboring districts of Punjab will be deployed here to provide security during the IPL event. Punjab is on high alert since Khalistan advocates Amritpal and his supporters are now on the rampage Mobile internet and bulk SMS services are unavailable in Mohali and all of Punjab for three days.

Claim-in position control

As far as the district administration of Mohali is concerned, the situation is still under control, and the government is keeping a close check on it. The district government and IPL organizers will shortly meet to discuss a variety of concerns. The PCA Authority and the Punjab Kings management stated that the matches will be played according to their respective schedules

The deployment of over a thousand mulajims

During the Indian Premier League season, more than a thousand police officers are stationed inside and outside the Mohali Cricket Stadium. They include the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and the Quick Response Team (QRT). The importance of police and municipal government to the smooth management of the competition cannot be overstated. Mohali Cricket Stadium is surrounded by a market and is located in a densely populated area.

When and what time match in Mohali?

In 2019, matches were played at the PCA Stadium before the Corona pandemic. After that, there were no IPL matches here in 2020, 2021, or 2022. After three years, Punjab Samuche North Indian cricket fans are thrilled to see five matches scheduled in Mohali this season.

  • April 1 – Punjab Kings VS Kolkata Night Riders 3:30 pm Mohali
  • April 13 – Punjab Kings VS Gujarat Titans 7:30 pm Mohali
  • 20 April – Punjab Kings VS Royal Challenger Bangalore at 3:30 pm Mohali
  • April 28, 7:30 p.m. – Punjab Kings vs. Lucknow Supergiant
  • May 3 – Punjab Kings VS Mumbai IndiansĀ 7:30 pm Mohali

Mohali might host IPL matches at the new Maharaja Yadvinder Singh International Cricket Stadium in Mullampur in 2024.