The Krrish franchise starring Hrithik Roshan has been a fan favorite among audiences. The release of Krrish 4 has been a long time coming, but eventually, there appears to be some good news regarding this long-awaited film.

A few days ago, Rakesh Roshan posted a series of film-related updates that did not appear particularly upbeat. Now, however, the film’s captain is reportedly discovered in one of Hrithik’s previous films. It also possesses a producer.

Krrish 4! "Agneepath" Director Karan Malhotra To Reunite With Hrithik Roshan 2023 2

Karan Malhotra is Krrish 4’s director

In 2013, the film Krrish 3 was published for the last time. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment, and over the years, there has been no definitive news about the film until now and a few days ago, when senior Roshan stated that the film is expected to begin production in the second half of 2024, following the completion of WAR 2.

Now according to a Twitter account, Let’s Cinema has a Twitter account. Karan Malhotra, who worked with Hrithik Roshan on Agneepath, will direct the fourth installment of the Krrish series.

In addition, the account stated that Pathaan director Siddharth Anand would produce the film. Anand directed the Krrish star in WAR and is presently working with him on Fighter. The tweet stated, “Hrithik Roshan’s #Krrish4 is on schedule to begin filming next year after WAR 2.” Karan Malhotra, director of Agneepath, will helm the film produced by Siddharth Anand.