On April 30, it is reported that choreographer Chaitanya, who rose to prominence after appearing in the Telugu dance show Dhee, committed suicide. He had released a moving video message.

According to news reports, Chaitanya had taken out loans and, unable to repay them, he felt constrained by his financial obligations and took the action. (Also Read: “But how did my child die?”: Jiah Khan’s mother reacts to the verdict and plans to appeal to the highest court)

Telugu choreographer Chaitanya commits suicide after posting heartbreaking video 2023 2

In a video message shared by an admirer on Twitter, Chaitanya said, “My mother, father, and sister took excellent care of me and made sure I encountered no difficulties. Sincere apologies to every one of my acquaintances. I apologize to everyone whom I have offended.

Chaitanya committed suicide.

In addition, he stated, “I have lost my integrity in financial matters. Not only should one be able to obtain loans, but also to repay them. But I couldn’t do it. I am currently in Nellore, and today is my last day here. The problems associated with my loans are intolerable.”

A Twitter user shared his video and tweeted, “This is unforeseen! You are such a talented soul, yet I couldn’t comprehend how you could commit suicide. You could have utilized the courage required to commit suicide to solve your problems. Extremely furious and sad upon your passing.”

Telugu choreographer Chaitanya commits suicide after posting heartbreaking video 2023 3

Several viewers of Chaitanya on the dance program Dhee have taken to social media to express their disbelief. A supporter remarked, “This is such startling news. “I cannot believe he would take such an extreme action.” Someone else stated, “Dhee should show Chaitanya how to commit suicide.

This information shocks us all. Indku anna elanti decision teskunav, nitho patu mi family members ki and maku nuvu lev ani badha migelchav (Why did you make such an extreme decision, brother? You’ve caused us and your family members grief by leaving in this manner.”

Reports indicate that Chaitanya was in his 30s. During his time on the program, he had amassed a large number of followers.