When you talk about someone, it brings up memories of the first time you met them. But, I cannot recall when it was that I saw Innocent. He went by the name Chetan. I have no recollection of the last time I saw my brother.

Laughter is the result in the end.

Will attempt to call on most days. Laughter is the result in the end. When I’m in a situation where I can’t laugh out loud where I’m standing, most of the time people tell me to put the phone down.

We believe that Chet suffered a loss of cerebral fluid as a result of an accident. What would the circumstances be like if it was present as well? My entire family included Innocent in all they did. He was the glue that held me together while I was in agony.

Never before has anyone been able to hold me together like that. Even with only a phone call, he can put people at ease. That was the limit of my knowledge. It didn’t matter if it was for the company or for my personal life; I had no term beyond that word.

No one has held me together like Mohanlal 2023 2

I desired him intensely

Each of the sets was transformed by Chetan into a dwelling. Even after I finished playing the character of Chetan, how many times have I been held? I desired him that intensely. He spoke such words the day before he lost consciousness.

The voice sounded quite worn out. Unable to say anything. There was someone in the vicinity. Even at that late hour, he began making a humorous remark. I’m not sure whether I’m hearing everything correctly.

Chetan is confidently making his way through the journey. He was successful in the entertainment industry, the political arena, and in his personal life. He accomplished whatever he set out to do. Who would have been able to accomplish such a desired goal?

Chet led a life and traveled a path that he can be proud of. I have always had the impression that the name Innocent is best suited for Chet and nobody else. It’s possible to say anything. How many times have you imitated someone else and then called them out on it? Even I have been drawn in and held captive by stories.

What can I possibly say to you

What can I possibly say to you, my Innocent… I don’t know how to put into words the pain that I feel because of your passing, who, just like that name, naively distributed joy, love, and comfort to the entire world, hugged those who were with him like a brother, stood by him no matter what, shadow and caress.

My thoughts keep leading me to assume that it hasn’t gone away even though I know otherwise. My Innocent will never leave me and will always be at my side, providing me with love and correction in each and every moment. No matter where I am or what I am doing, you will always find me here fighting for this cause.