Given that two major films, Project K and SSMB28, have already secured the festival schedule, the likelihood of Ram Charan and Shankar’s RC15 successfully claiming the 2024 Sankranthi slot appears to be quite remote at this point.

On March 21, 2024, Ram Charan is planning a big event.

RC15 receives a new release date 2023 2

The most recent information is that the producers of the film starring Ram Charan are eyeing the 21st March, 2024 time window as the best one for the movie.

This release schedule appears to be the most likely option for the film starring Ram Charan at this time because it has the advantage of being released in the summer. The details of the same have not yet been finalized, but shortly after that, an official announcement will be made.

As for the filming itself, it is moving along at a breakneck pace now that Charan has returned to the sets following his campaign for the Oscars.