The portrait of the French woman minister appearing on the cover of the US entertainment magazine Playboy has sparked controversy. Minister of Women for the French government, Marlene Schiappa, is in charge of the Department of Social Economy and Associations. She granted Playboy magazine an exclusive interview lately.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne asked Marlene to explain this photo.

Playboy magazine featured the female minister on its cover 2023 2

In addition, she donned a custom-made costume for the picture shoot for this fashion publication. Her dress, meanwhile, has been critiqued. They are furious because her attire is sending the wrong messages. According to reports, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne contacted Marlene to request an explanation in response to this photograph.

Many media outlets have reported that the Prime Minister informed the minister that his actions in the current scenario are inappropriate. In this approximately 12-page interview, French Minister Marlene talked extensively about women, LGBT rights, and abortions.

The French Prime Minister and the government’s left-wing members disapproved of this topic. This time, she was scolded for her error. Marlene has nevertheless made it obvious that she stands by her statements.

Women should safeguard their bodily autonomy. If people desire something, they should be able to do it wherever. Marlene stated on Twitter that women are free in France, regardless of how upset the regressives and hypocrites are. In addition, Marlene stated that she wore a dress throughout the photo session.