Today, discussions regarding the resignation of Punjab Advocate General (AG) Vinod Ghai have acquired momentum, but the situation remains unclear. No one has verified Ghai’s resignation as of yet

Since the past, Vinod Ghai has been involved in a controversial case. A lady from Delhi has released a video in which she discusses them. Following this, Congress Legislative Assembly Leader Pratap Singh Bajwa has also sent a letter to the Punjab Governor. According to sources, the position of attorney general may shortly be delegated to a senior attorney in lieu of Ghai.

Punjab AG resignation confusion Vinod Ghai: Controversial case; Senior lawyer can take blame 2023 2

The video appeared on YouTube.

In a letter to the Governor of Punjab, Congress leader Pratap Singh Bajwa characterized the YouTube video involving Ghai as regrettable. According to him, a female attorney has brought attention to the startling revelations about AG Ghai in this video. He has stated that if the allegations in the video are genuine, no contrition is necessary.

Fear of being falsely implicated

Pratap Bajwa wrote that the video revealed that the Punjab Police Department is under investigation by AG. Consequently, his family may also be imprisoned on a false charge. There is also a risk of fatality in the event of a catastrophe. Additionally, video captures, audio and video snippets were presented to support the claim.

Instead of receiving justice, police officers were implicated in false cases.

Pratap Bajwa has stated that the chief of the state’s legal team is conducting unlawful work rather than bringing justice to the people. Additionally, it was stated that Punjab police implicate innocent people in fraudulent cases rather than protecting them. Bajwa feared that the Punjab Police would accuse him of inaction if he pursued the case.