The Union Public Service Commission announced the UPSC Civil Services 2022 results on Tuesday (May 23).

Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, and Smriti Mishra placed second, third, and fourth, respectively, in the UPSC CSE results, behind Ishita Kishore, who received the highest All India Rank.

This is the second consecutive year that female candidates have topped the most prestigious civil examinations in India.

Results of UPSC Exam! Women take the top four places 2023 2

What is the identity of Ishita Kishore?

Ishita, who topped the UPSC Civil Services Exam in 2022, holds a degree in economics. She received her bachelor’s degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC).

She has always been an active athlete and a solid all-around performer.

This was Ishita’s third attempt at qualifying for the interview phase of the UPSC examination. In her previous attempts, she was unable to pass the examinations.

Results of UPSC Exam! Women take the top four places 2023 3

Despite obstacles, she persevered and remained determined to pass the UPSC examination on her third attempt. This signified her first qualification for the interview round, the final phase of the selection procedure.

In 2017, while serving as the Indochina Youth Delegate, she attended the Dubai Millennium World Summit.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh congratulated Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, and Uma Hariti N, the top three scorers in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022 Final, on Twitter.

The post stated, “A day of celebration also for all the others who have made it.”

UPSC Topper 2023 List
RankNameRoll Number
1stIshita Kishore5809986
2ndGarima Lohia1506175
3rdUma Harathin N1019872
4thSmriti Mishra858695
5thMayur Hazarika906457
6thGahana Navya James2409491
7thWaseem Ahmad Bhat1802522
8thAnirudh Yadav853004
9thKanika Goyal3517201
10thRahul Shrivastava205139