Sudipto Sen, the film’s director, discusses the political protests and backlash that The Kerala Story has received. He also discusses receiving assistance from Ram Gopal Varma. Sen regrets that few members of the film industry have come out to support his film during difficult times.

Ram Gopal Varma has expressed support for your film.

I know! It was a delightful and unanticipated surprise, given that few of my filmmaking colleagues have shown support.

Has the post-release voyage been exhausting for you and your producer Vipul Shah?

Indeed! Whatever we have endured in terms of opposition, objections, and debate regarding my film… I still do not comprehend why. Why have certain individuals set out to annihilate us?

Perhaps some segments feel threatened by your film’s message.

The Kerala Story director Sudipto Sen explains why genuine radicalization victims were shown to the press 2023 2

I reject the notion that my film is anti-Islamic. This film is anti-terrorist, and I depicted how this dangerous terror ecosystem is destroying our society through the misuse of Islam.

There are numerous European films available on various OTT platforms that address a similar topic. All are loved and closely observed.

What do you believe the protests against The Kerala Story are about?

The issue lies with our nation’s politics. This film reveals their political maneuverings. How terrorism compromises the nation in exchange for votes.

What message do you have for the naysayers?

I would like to request that you view the film and develop your own opinion. A film can be excellent or terrible. By discrediting the United States, people truly do tremendous damage to the cause of Indian women who have been victimized by terrorism for decades.

Is The Kerala Story a movement now?

Thank you for your comment. You either adore or despise the film, but you cannot deny that it will remain at the center of national discourse for a long time.

A subset of individuals, who are actually legislators, are enraged with the film despite not having seen it, because we attacked their dangerous plan to divide the country along religious lines. Yes, malevolent forces have now been proclaimed war on.