Solo Sikoa continues to be the most undervalued member of Roman Reigns’ Bloodline on the main roster. He is as effective as it gets despite his limited vocabulary. Solo Sikoa has yet to suffer a real singles defeat since joining SmackDown.

His only defeats have resulted from disqualification. Only one superstar should break this streak, and you may be surprised to discover that it’s not Roman Reigns but his opponent.

At WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes will challenge the Undisputed WWE Universal Title. WWE has gone above and above to safeguard Solo Sikoa’s position on the main roster.

Roman Reigns isn't the man to stop Solo Sikoa's unbeaten record 2023 2

The enforcer of The Bloodline has only been defeated by the likes of Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens through disqualification, with all previous defeats being in tag team battles (mainly house shows) in which he was not pinned. Now, his attention has been focused on one superstar in particular: Cody Rhodes.

On the 20th of March edition of RAW, Roman Reigns was had to prevent Sikoa from attacking Cody. This week on SmackDown, Sikoa and Paul Heyman watched with fascination as Cody beat Ludwig Kaiser. Cody is the logical choice to stop Solo Sikoa’s unbeaten streak before to WrestleMania 39, given his current standing.

Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa will meet for the first time on RAW before WrestleMania

On the penultimate edition of RAW before WrestleMania, Solo Sikoa will finally face Cody Rhodes in a one-on-one match against The American Nightmare. Six days before to the most important match of Cody’s career, this will be the ideal test. Roman Reigns has not been promoted for next week’s Monday Night program.

Cody is favored to unseat The Head of the Table and win the uncontested championships. He will likely be the one to end Sikoa’s run of not getting pinned on the main roster on Monday Night RAW the following week. While WWE has done a lot to protect the Bloodline star, it will legitimize The American Nightmare before he possibly topples Reigns off his throne